Android 12 Will Allow App Downloads from Third-Party Markets

With Android 12, Google will make it easier for users to download applications from third-party application markets.
Google shared with us the innovations that came with Android 12 at the I / O event it held recently. Android 12, which offers us innovations in design, camera, privacy and many other areas, has delighted us with the embedded remote that will work with Android TVs, the technology to unlock the vehicle and the facilities it will offer to the Android family in general.

About 1 year ago, we learned that with Android 12, Google will allow downloads from third-party app stores. With the news that emerged today, we have seen that this is not far away.

According to the information, of course, Google will not offer an uncontrolled system. Programs that compromise the user’s privacy or data will continue to be blocked. An official blog post confirmed that the company will make it easier to use third-party markets with Android 12. Although it has not yet been specified what kind of change awaits us in particular, XDA has uncovered the changes made by tampering with the developer files.

Normally, in order to download applications from third-party application markets, you must have activated the option to install applications from external sources. In addition, since you downloaded the application from a source other than the Google Play Store, when you want to update that application, you have to manually enter the application market and update it.

But thanks to the innovation that will come with Android 12, you will not have to deal with them. According to the information transferred, if the application itself / update meets certain conditions, you will not need to take a separate action and the application will update itself.

As for what these conditions are, there are 4 conditions in total that an application to be installed or updated must meet:

New package must accept old
Installed app must target at least 29 API level (This means at least Android 10)
The installer must either update itself or update an application that has already been installed.
The installer should specify the permission indicating that the user does not need to do anything for updates