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Twitter and Facebook Admit They Block Palestinians’ Posts: It Happened By Mistake

Twitter and Facebook were accused of blocking the posts of thousands of users during the ongoing tension between...

6 ay önce

A Feature Comes to Transfer WhatsApp Messages Between iOS and Android

A new feature that WhatsApp is under development has surfaced. The feature discovered by WABetaInfo allows chat ...

6 ay önce

iPhone 12 Becomes the Top Selling Phone in the First Quarter of 2021 (Galaxy S21 Failed to Make It Even Top 10)

Counterpoint Research has announced the top-selling and top-selling smartphones in the first quarter of 2021. Ev...

6 ay önce

Live Broadcast Platform That Helps You Make Money While Having Fun: Bigo Live

Live broadcast platforms, which have become increasingly popular with more time spent at home, are growing their...

6 ay önce

Google Chrome’s Windows 10 Version Has Ceased to Work After The Last Update

The latest software update released by Google for Chrome on Windows 10 causes the application to crash, the add-...

6 ay önce

Scientists Have Succeeded to Break the Speed of Light by Speeding Up Light by 30%

Scientists have succeeded in breaking the speed of light by increasing the group speed of the light wave more th...

6 ay önce

How Did a Small Earthquake in Rural China Become the Disaster of Europe?

A rather insignificant earthquake occurred in one of the rural areas of China, but thousands of people, especial...

6 ay önce

Epic Games Made $ 50 Worth Game Free

Today, NBA 2K21 is on our corner of games, which are available free of charge for a short time on the Epic Store...

7 ay önce

Apple Shares New iOS Accessibility Features with Users

Apple; The developer conference, which will present the new features of iOS, WatchOS and iPadOS, shared with use...

7 ay önce

Blue Origin Announces Highest Offer To Go To Space

One of the 6 seats of Blue Origin’s vehicle, which will go to space on 20 July 2021, was put up for auctio...

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