Apple Announces Two New Apple Watch Straps and Screen Designs Special for Honor Day Series

Apple has announced new straps designed for smart watches and new screen designs that are compatible with these straps. As members of the Pride Edition series created by the company to support LGBT individuals, the straps are called Braided Solo Loop and Nike Sport Loop.

As a last-minute development, Apple announced its new subscription packages for Apple Music, and immediately after this announcement, it announced new watch screens and new straps designed for Apple Watch. While Apple’s new straps look different with knitted designs, the screen faces are also designed to be compatible with these straps.

According to the statements made by Apple, the new straps are part of the “Pride Edition”, that is, the honor day series. The company, which named its new straps Braided Solo Loop and Nike Sport Loop, continues to show its support to LGBT individuals.

Actually, there is not much we can say about Braided Solo Loop. Inspired by the flags of LGBT individuals, the strap is created by blending the colors in the flag. Of course, the screen face created for this strap also consists of the same colors. Consumers will be able to own this watch strap for $ 99.

The Nike Sport Loop is part of the Pride Edition line, just like the Braided Solo Loop. When we look at this strap, we see that the colors of the LGBT flag are blended in a different way. The screen face created for the Nike Sport Loop has a slightly simpler structure. Using the Nike logo, Apple has made the watch design colorful. The price of this strap was announced as $ 49.

According to the statements made by Apple, new members of the Pride Edition series will be available for purchase through Apple’s online stores or retailers on May 25. New screen faces prepared for smart watches will be available to users in the next update of Apple Watch.