Live Broadcast Platform That Helps You Make Money While Having Fun: Bigo Live

Live broadcast platforms, which have become increasingly popular with more time spent at home, are growing their user base day by day. Bigo Live, one of the most striking applications in this category, allows you to make money by making live broadcasts and watch the broadcasts of world famous names.
The widespread use of the internet and the expansion of the mobile application market made different applications enter our lives. With the increase in applications that allow many people who spend time at home to come together, alternative ways of having fun have increased. In this content, we will talk about Bigo Live, one of the most popular digital broadcasting platforms in Turkey.

Bigo Live, which has been in service since 2014, is an application that allows users to broadcast live or chat with different people. The application, which is very popular in our country, is expanding day by day and comes up with different contents. Even so, when we were closed at home, the beloved singer İrem Derici met with her followers at Bigo Live a while ago and held an event where she answered the questions of her fans and sang. It was recorded that more than 40 thousand users participated in the event, which attracted a lot of attention.

Bigo Live has more than 400 million users

Bigo Live, which can be used in more than 150 countries, has become a favorite channel of many users with more than 400 million users and its artificial intelligence (AI) system, broadcast filters and cute mascot “Dino”. In fact, the platform has such a large and deep-rooted user base that the platform has been organizing an event called “BIGO Awards Gala” for the last few years. Popular Bigo publishers from all over the world participate in this event and receive an award at an event broadcast all over the world in this event where their dreams come true. If you wish, you can also showcase your talents and reach large audiences and take a place in international awards ceremonies as a part of this great organization. The participation of some popular broadcasters from Turkey in the last event seems to have attracted a lot of attention. By the way, let’s not forget that the advertisements of the BIGO Awards Gala event are displayed on the billboards at the entrance of Istanbul Saphire.

In addition; It should be said that Bigo Live is not just a mobile application. If you can make publications that attract attention and create a large fan base for yourself, you can earn a lot of money through this platform. You can collect the “beans”, which are the in-app currency, and spend them on the games within the application again, or you can convert these beans into cash and transfer them to your account through banks. With this highly interesting feature, Bigo Live has already reached more than 15,000 official broadcasters in Turkey and continues to accept new broadcasters.