Question From USA Worries Facebook: Why Did You Buy WhatsApp and Instagram?

The US Federal Trade Commission continues antitrust lawsuits against Facebook. Examining the rise of the social media giant, the commission was looking for the reasons behind such growth, and now asked the reasons behind Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook is in the limelight of user privacy and antitrust cases. The antitrust case of the US Federal Trade Commission is focused on a very different point.

The US Federal Trade Commission has contacted people in companies that Facebook bought, according to the Wall Street Journal. Facebook, which has incorporated many companies such as Oculus VR, FriendFeed and LiveRail, apart from WhatsApp and Instagram, bought Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012 and WhatsApp for $ 19 billion in 2014.

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The current antitrust case is reviewing every possible step and every link on Facebook’s monopolization. It is stated that if it is determined that Facebook is consciously trying to monopolize by taking these steps, good things will not happen for the world’s largest social media network.


The Federal Trade Commission recently imposed a $ 5 billion fine on Facebook. In the historical agreement, it came to the fore as a result of Facebook’s violation of the 2012 agreement with the Federal Trade Commission. It was stated that as a result of the agreement concluded last week, Facebook’s establishment of an independent privacy committee, as a result of which a more reliable environment can be provided.