The Man Who Lost His Life in an Accident with Tesla Turned Out That He Liked Autonomous Driving

It turned out that the man who died in an accident with his Tesla Model 3 was driving a hands-free car.

Although Tesla highly praises the “autonomous driving” features of the car models it has put on the market and uses it as a marketing material, it should not be forgotten that no automobile that has been on sale so far has a fully autonomous driving technology. Unfortunately, some Tesla owners are constantly skipping this information, and the result is disappointing.

On May 5, a Tesla Model 3 crashed into a overturned truck on a rock that occurred on the Fontana highway in California, USA, and the driver of the vehicle died. While the discussions about the accident in question continued, an interesting development took place and 35-year-old Steven Hendrickson, who died in the accident, appeared in Tesla’s autonomous driving Videos.

According to the information shared, Hendrickson uses expressions such as “What would I do without my Tesla who went on his own after a long day at work” and “Thanks for the return home in Los Angeles after work, thanks for autonomous driving” in the videos he shared on TikTok. seems to be pulling from the steering wheel.

Although Hendrickson’s death is sad, how he “drives” cars is important from the point of view of Tesla and his cars. Although Tesla uses the terms “Autopilot” and “completely self-driving” for the driving support technologies of their cars, basically all Teslas have a level 2 autonomous driving system and they are more than offering advanced lane tracking, following distance adjustment, and automatic braking technologies. they do not pass. Tesla also states in the manuals it has published for its customers that drivers should not take their hands off the steering wheel, even if the autopilot is turned on.