2023 BMW 3 Series Introduced: Iconic Design Renewed for the First Time in Years

    BMW introduced the 2023 models of its best-selling car family, the 3 Series, today. The new series brought important design changes to the 3 Series after 4 years. The engines of the vehicles were the same as the 2022 model 3 Series.

    BMW’s best-selling model family, the 3 Series, appeared today with its brand new make-up model. The German auto giant introduced the new 2023 BMW 3 Series, which is likely to be the new favourite of many. The new model added a brand new look to the 3 Series after 4 years. The vehicle hosts significant changes in interior and exterior design.

    When you first look at the exterior of the 2023 model BMW 3 Series, you can’t see any obvious and direct changes in the vehicle. But you get a different air compared to the previous model. This is due to the slight changes that BMW has made to the vehicle, which together add a sharper aggressive look to the entire vehicle.

    Introducing the new 2023 BMW 3 Series

    The new 3 Series features a kidney grille with sharper edges and a more angular front and rear bumper with L-shaped air intakes. When we come inside the new 3 Series, a giant panel consisting of two screens of 12.3 inches and 14.9 inches welcomes us. There are also minor design changes in the keys and air vents inside the vehicle.

    In the engine compartment of the new 3 Series, there are the engine options of the 2022 model series. The engines of the 2023 model 3 Series are listed as follows:

    • BMW 330i: 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, 255 hp
    • BMW 330e plug-in hybrid: same engine as 330i + electric motor offering 37 kilometers range, 288 hp
    • BMW M340i: 3.0-litre, six-cylinder, 48-volt hybrid technology engine, 382 hp

    Acceleration time and top speeds of all models in the new BMW 3 Series

    • BMW 318i – 8.6 saniye; 223 km/h
    • BMW 320i – 7,4 saniye; 235 km/h
    • BMW 320i xDrive – 7,7 saniye; 230 km/h
    • BMW 330i – 5,9 saniye; 250 km/h
    • BMW 330i xDrive – 5,7 saniye; 250 km/h
    • BMW M340i xDrive – 4.4 seconds; 250 km/h
    • BMW 320e – 7.6 seconds; 225 km/h; 140 km/h (Electric motor only)
    • BMW 330e – 5.8 seconds; 230 km/h; 140 km/h (Electric motor only)
    • BMW 330e xDrive – 5.8 seconds; 230 km/h; 140 km/h (Electric motor only)
    • BMW 318d – 8,3 saniye; 218 km/h
    • BMW 320d – 6,9 saniye; 235 km/h
    • BMW 320d xDrive – 7,2 saniye; 228 km/h
    • BMW 330d – 5,3 saniye; 250 km/h
    • BMW 330d xDrive – 5 saniye; 250 km/h
    • BMW M340d xDrive – 4.6 seconds; 250 km/h

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