2023 Honda Civic Type R Introduced

    Honda showed off the design of the 2023 Civic Type R for the first time. According to the statements made by the company, the new Civic Type R will be the most powerful Civic in history. Here is the design you will admire and other details shared…

    Japan-based automobile giant Honda has renewed its legendary model, the Civic Type R. The company, which showed the model, which is much more powerful and handsome than the standard Civic, in an event it held, seems to be able to impress all car enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at the new Honda Civic Type R together.

    The Civic Type R exterior design is much sportier than the Civic, as you can imagine. In this context; When we look at the vehicle, we see the grille with light touches. The ventilation compartment in the hood also does not go unnoticed. 

    Introducing the Honda Civic Type R

    When we look at the rear of the Honda Civic Type R, we come across the spoiler detail that makes us think this car is a racing car. Although this spoiler looks a bit of an exaggeration, we can say that it suits the vehicle. The backlights cover the tailgate throughout and look very stylish with their slim design.

    Honda’s rebellious Civic model seems to enchant modders with its triple exhaust outlet. Auto enthusiasts who buy this car will probably not touch the rear bumper in any way.

    When we look at the interior of the Civic Type R, we see a fully digital display screen and a touchscreen infotainment screen. The only point that can be criticized in the interior design, which is dominated by red and black, maybe the gear knob. 

    It will be the most powerful Civic Type R in history

    Honda did not reveal the engine specifications of the 2023 model Civic Type R. However, according to the statements made by the company, this car will write its name in history as the most powerful Civic Type R in history. 

    Promotional video prepared for the 2023 model Honda Civic Type R

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