2023 Toyota Crown Introduced

    Toyota has renewed its Crown sedan. The 2023 model car draws attention with its ultra-strong hybrid engine.

    Automobile giant Toyota renewed its Crown sedan, which is offered for sale in several markets, including Japan. Crown, which has a different appearance from Toyota’s other sedans with its ratio change in design, seems to attract attention with its powerful engine. So, what does the 2023 model Toyota Crown promise to the consumer?

    When we look at the exterior design of the Crown, we first witness that the vehicle resembles the Honda Civic. The slender headlight design, in particular, with the forward sloping protrusion on the hood, reveals why we think so.  The car, which has a partially open grille structure, appears with a thin stop detail extending from one end to the other at the rear. 

    Introducing the 2023 Toyota Crown

    When we look at the interior design of the vehicle, we see that Toyota’s new generation infotainment screen is also used in this sedan. The fact that the completely ghostly display screen and the 12.3-inch infotainment screen are combined are among the design details that do not go unnoticed. A digital air conditioner, wireless charging pad, two USB Type-C inputs and a very small gear knob are among the details in the interior design. Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and 4G Wi-Fi are also among the features in this car.

    Toyota Crown seems to draw attention mostly with its engine options. Because this car is literally a beast in terms of performance. The 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine offered as standard smells like gasoline, especially on short-haul and low-speed journeys. According to Toyota, the vehicle’s special EV mode provides an extra 60 kilometres of range while consuming approximately 3.78 litres of gasoline. 

    Toyota will offer a second engine option in Crown’s Platinum package. Combining the 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine with two electric motors, Toyota will provide 340 horsepower with this technology, which it calls “Hybrid Max”. 

    Toyota did not comment on the price of the sedan it renewed.

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