2024 Renault Scenic Vision, a Fully Electric Car That Looks From the Future, Introduced

    Renault’s iconic minivan model Scenic reappeared with a brand new face and technical features. The car, which will hit the road as a crossover in 2024, supports the electric motor with hydrogen.

    Renault officially introduced its new car, which is called “Scenic Vision”, at an event it organized. Scenic Vision, which is quite ambitious with its design, will also be talked about with its engine. Because in this car, in addition to the electric motor, we see that hydrogen is also used as a fuel to increase the range. 

    Introducing Renault Scenic Vision

    Renault’s Scenic Vision appeared as a crossover rather than a minivan. In other words, this car has adopted the SUV body type, which has become a trend in recent years. Renault Scenic Vision, which has a closed grille, stylish lines and an aggressive appearance in general, has both front and rear strip lighting. Meanwhile; Let’s say that the rear door of the vehicle is opened from the middle part.

    When we look at the interior design of Renault Scenic Vision, which is still in the concept stage, we see that a very innovative approach has been adopted. The console and steering wheel design looks like it was taken from a science fiction movie. On the other hand, the interior walls of the vehicle are fully equipped with ambient lighting, which is quite remarkable. 

    According to Renault’s statement, this car has a 215-horsepower electric motor, which we also saw in Megane E-Tech. The vehicle, which uses a 40 kWh battery, also includes 16 kW hydrogen fuel support. According to Renault, the combination of these two will give Scenic Vision a range of up to 800 kilometres. However, it may not be possible for hydrogen support to reach the consumer at the same time as Scenic Vision. 

    Renault Scenic Vision has another impressive feature. So much so that this electric crossover contains more than 70 per cent recycled materials. At the end of the vehicle’s useful life, 95 per cent of the parts will also be recycled. These stats make Scenic Vision’s carbon footprint 75 per cent lower than its competitors. According to the company, Scenic, which will be completely renewed, will meet with consumers in 2024…

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