Aston Martin Introduces Its New Logo

    Aston Martin introduced its new logo, which will be used in the cars it will launch from now on. Like other names in the industry, Aston Martin will now use a simpler logo.

    Adorning the dreams of automobile enthusiasts with all the models it has designed, Aston Martin has renewed the logo it has been using since 2003. Aston Martin, which follows the trend in the automobile industry and will now use a simpler logo just like its competitors, has started a new era with this logo.

    The name that made the explanations about the logo was the company COO, Marek Reichman. “Every object designed at Aston Martin has a deep meaning and purpose, as we are designed to make people fall in love with our brand and reach the hearts and minds of our customers. At Aston Martin, all objects are created with honesty and emotion,” Reichman said. According to a statement by Aston Martin Chairman of the Board, Lawrence Stroll, a new logo is a game-changing event for the company.

    Here is Aston Martin’s new logo

    When we look at the details of Aston Martin’s new logo, we see that this logo was brought to life by jewellery designers in Birmingham, England. The new logo, which is the eighth for the company, will be actively used in sports cars that Aston Martin will launch in the coming periods.

    All Aston Martin logos to date

    Logo used by Aston Martin in 1920

    One of the first logos used by Aston Martin consisted of the letters A and M intertwined. The logo, which was used actively for 6 years, was changed in 1927.

    In 1927, the first foundations of today’s logo were laid.

    Aston Martin started using a new logo in 1927. This logo laid the foundations for today’s wing design.

    In 1930, the wing design deepened.

    The company, which used the logo in 1927 for 3 years, deepened its wings in 1930.

    Introduced in 1932, the logo made the wings what they are today

    Aston Martin, which made frequent logo changes in those years, switched to the open wing design in 1932, which it still uses today. 

    In 1954, the name David Brown, who bought the company, was added to the logo

    Aston Martin was acquired by David Brown Limited in 1954. The first move by the new owners of the company was to design a new logo. The logo, in which the David Brown lettering was added, made the wing design more detailed.

    Aston Martin, which changed hands again in 1984, got rid of the David Brown jewellery

    Aston Martin, which changed hands once again over the years and became a part of a company led by William Willson, got rid of the David Brown jewellery in its 1984 logo. In addition, the wing design was renewed in this logo.

    Simplification began in 2003.

    The Aston Martin logo, which was updated once again in 2003, officially started the simplification process. The logo used to this day has now been removed from the dusty pages of history.

    Video where Aston Martin introduces its latest logo:

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