BMW Announces That Some 2022 Model Cars Do Not Have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

    BMW announced that some new cars produced in the first four months of 2022 do not have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The reason for this is the chip crisis. BMW hopes it can fix the problem with a software update.

    Notable developments continue to occur in the automobile industry, which has been deeply affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. According to the latest information, German automobile giant BMW will produce some of its vehicles “incomplete” due to the chip crisis that broke out in the pandemic. So much so that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay software, which have become indispensable for consumers for a while, can not be used in BMW vehicles. That’s because the new chips aren’t quite ready for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

    According to the information contained in an e-mail sent by BMW officials to Automotive News Europe, the company could not fully use the chips it used in the cars it produced in the first four months of 2022. This made Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support unusable. Expressing the need for an update, officials confirmed that these two features cannot be used in some vehicles on sale, at least for now.

    An update may come at the end of June

    In the e-mail prepared by BMW, it has also been announced when the problem will be fixed. According to the email, the engineers are still working on the software update and want to get it by the end of June. If this goal is achieved, consumers may not have to wait too long to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. However, there is nothing clear about it.

    BMW has not disclosed in which countries the chip issue is for which models and how many cars are in total. However, it has been announced that all vehicles with the production code “6P1” suffer from this problem. According to some news sources, some of the consumers who bought a 2022 model BMW in the USA, UK, Italy, Spain and France cannot use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as of now.

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