Honda Shows First Electric SUV Concept With Ultra Simple Design

    Honda showed for the first time the first electric SUV concept Prologue, which it will launch in 2024. The company did not elaborate on the details of the upcoming SUV, but along with the Prologue, Honda’s plans for the future were also revealed.

    While the electric transformation of the automobile industry continues at a rapid pace, the number of electric cars in companies is increasing day by day. This time, Honda showed the concept design of the first electric SUV model Prologue, which it will launch in 2024, together with its future plans at an event it organizes. Honda Prologue drew attention with its ultra-simple design, similar to the other SUV models of the brand.

    Japanese officials did not mention the features of the new SUV. In fact, we do not have a real image or video. The company served a concept image prepared in the digital environment. However, this image has revealed how the Honda Prologue will have an approximate design. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming SUV.

    This is what Honda’s first electric SUV will look like

    In the statements made by Honda, it is stated that the design of this SUV  was made in partnership with General Motors engineers. When we look at the details of the design, we see a very simple approach. Just the closed grille structure is enough to understand that this SUV is electric. The thin strip LED headlights of the vehicle are also among the striking details. That’s all we can say about the Honda Prologue for now…

    When we look at Honda’s plans for the future, we see that the year 2030 is pointed out. The company’s initial goal is to launch 30 new electric cars by 2030. However, it seems that slightly higher segment models will be introduced in the first stage. Because according to the statement, we will meet affordable electronic cars in 2027.

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