Lexus Introduces Model 2023 UX Equipped With Fascinating Features

    Lexus has refreshed the impressive crossover model UX. Although the 2023 model does not offer major innovations in exterior design, there are great innovations in the interior. In addition, the technological features of Lexus UX are dazzling.

    Toyota’s luxury car brand Lexus has renewed its crossover model UX, which fascinates consumers. Launched as a 2023 model, the crossover came with very important innovations, especially in the interior. Although the exterior design of the vehicle remains the same as the current model, technological innovations and changes in the interior seem to put Lexus UX ahead of its competitors. Let’s take a look at the innovations in the 2023 model crossover together.

    Toyota recently switched to a new infotainment display with a touchscreen of 8 and 12.3 inches. This multimedia screen was generally used in luxury models. Here, Lexus UX is now entitled to be one of the models with a new generation multimedia screen. The new system, which offers a much better resolution than Toyota’s existing multimedia screen, will be developed with wireless updates.

    Here is Lexus UX’s new multimedia display

    The transition to a new multimedia screen has caused some changes in the interior design of the vehicle. In this context; Lexus UX now has 2 more USB Type-A ports. In addition, the wireless charging area has grown a little more. The company has also added LED ambient lighting to the crossover model in order to fully experience the luxury feel in the interior of the vehicle .

    Lexus has also updated the UX in terms of some of its specs. For example, new tires are now used on this vehicle. These tires make the cabin quieter, the company claims. In addition, if consumers prefer the F Sport package, they will be able to purchase the UX with innovations such as adjustable suspension and performance shock absorbers.

    One of the impressive features of Lexus UX is digital key support. Consumers will not have to carry the keys of their crossovers with them thanks to this technology. Because applications to be installed on smartphones will act as keys. Lexus will launch the UX, equipped with all these features, in global markets as of summer. We will witness together how much interest the vehicle will attract.

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