McLaren Announces They Will Enter Formula E

    Participation in Formula E, which has gained popularity lately, is increasing. McLaren, which previously entered Extrem E, has now announced that it will join Formula E.

    Formula E, where electric car races are organized, has gained a lot of popularity recently. It has been announced that McLaren, one of the successful teams of Formula 1, will also participate in the racing series, which hosts advanced technology. The world-famous Formula team will compete in electric car races from next season.

    As it is known, McLaren has been fighting in Formula 1 for many years. However, the team announced that it will now take place in Formula E and keep up with the technology. Formula E is a platform where electric cars compete and it is getting more and more popular every day.

    McLaren moves to Formula E

    McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown is the first to announce the move to Formula E. Stating that EV races will provide them with a competitive advantage, Brown continued his statements with the following statements:

    McLaren Racing, to its fans, partners and people; always strives to compete for the best and cutting edge technology, providing the newest ways of excitement, fun and inspiration.

    Saying that Formula E will contribute to them, McLaren’s CEO also underlined in his announcement that he will take over the operation in Brackley, England, with the Mercedes-AMG F1 team. This, in turn, cleared up the question marks for the Mercedes-EQ team.

    “Today’s announcement confirms the next exciting chapter in the team’s development,” said Mercedes-EQ team principal Ian James, who was also delighted.

    What are the differences between Formula E and Formula 1?

    This question is sure to be confusing for you. But the titles give the real answer. Because the ‘E’ phrase at the beginning of Formula E represents that the race consists entirely of electric vehicles. Formula 1, on the other hand, is much older. This series consists of vehicles with internal combustion engines. Considering that Formula 1 started in 1950 and Formula E came out in 2014, it is easy to understand that Formula E is more innovative.

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