Mercedes-Benz Ends Production of Manual Gear Vehicles

    According to the news received, Mercedes-Benz is driving a nail into the coffin of the manual gearbox, which has recently decreased in terms of production. The company has officially confirmed that three-pedal vehicles are nearing the end.

    It has been reported that German automaker Mercedes-Benz will retire the manual transmission starting next year. With this news, Mercedes-Benz buyers around the world will soon be able to choose automatic transmission as their only option.

    According to the news of the German news agency Automobilwoche, Mercedes-Benz, the inventor of the motor car, will not have a manual transmission in the new models and later models that it will introduce in the future. Although Mercedes has announced that they will leave the manual transmission in 2020, this time the date has been officially confirmed.

    Mercedes-Benz will produce only automatic transmission cars from 2023

    “With increased electrification, we see customer demand shifting towards electric vehicles and automatic transmissions,” a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson said this week, announcing they will gradually phase out the manual transmission.

    By mid-2021 BMW had removed the manual transmission from the Z4 series in Australia, and even more recently Mini had stopped production of its manual transmission vehicles due to the ongoing global automotive parts supply shortage.

    Similarly, Toyota stopped production of the manual-transmission Corolla in 2021. It seems that only automatic transmission vehicles will start to be produced in the world, and vehicles with manual transmission will become history.

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