Mercedes-Benz Recalls Hundreds of Thousands of Vehicles Due to a Brake Problem

    Automakers may recall their vehicles from time to time due to problems with the vehicles. Electric car manufacturer Tesla often comes up with these recalls. Now, Mercedes-Benz reports that it has recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles due to a problem with its vehicles.

    Sometimes unexpected problems can occur in automobiles due to production. In these cases, manufacturers may have to recall their vehicles. 

    Now, Mercedes-Benz, one of the most loved car manufacturers in the world, is recalling about 300 thousand vehicles, reporting that there may be some problems with the brake boosters of some models with a new statement. Stating that the problem covers ML, GL and R-Class vehicles produced between 2006 and 2012, Mercedes-Benz states that the brake component may be damaged due to exposure to water for a certain period of time.  

    Mercedes-Benz reports that there has not been any accident due to the problem in question yet

    It is stated that due to the vacuum leakage occurring in the brake booster, the brakes of the vehicles in question may require much more force than normal, thus increasing the stopping distance. It is stated that in the worst scenario that may occur due to the problem, damage to the booster may occur, which means that your vehicle’s brakes will be completely disabled. 

    While it is stated that no accident or injury has occurred due to the problem in question yet, Mercedes-Benz advises users not to use vehicles that are likely to be affected by the problem. The automobile giant, which offers free towing service to vehicle owners for removing the tire brake servo, checking the brake housing and replacing the parts if necessary, states that if the necessary repair is not made immediately, alternative transportation will be provided to the customers. 

    So how can you find out if your vehicle is affected by this problem? The answer to this question is actually quite simple: All you need to do to find out if your vehicle is within the scope of the recall is to go to the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and enter your 17-digit vehicle identification number(VIN). If you do, you can easily find out if your SUV is part of this recall or any other recall. 

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