Mercedes Introduces First Electric Sports Car Concept

    Mercedes-Benz introduced the Vision AMG, the first electric-powered sports car concept. The car, which is planned to be released in 2025, seems to be on the agenda with both its performance and design.

    While the automobile industry continues to evolve towards the electric motor, a remarkable move came from the Germany-based company Mercedes-Benz. The company has officially shown the Vision AMG, the first sport electric car concept in its history. As can be understood, the year 2025 was marked for the car to be produced under the AMG brand. So, what does Mercedes-Benz’s electric sports car promise to the consumer?

    Mercedes-Benz engineers were inspired by the company’s Formula 1 team in the design of the Vision AMG. In this context, the designers, who created a very flat design with a long wheelbase, were also influenced by the Formula 1 team in the colours of the vehicle. The most interesting aspect of the design is that the windows of the vehicle are not colourless or black, but silver, which is suitable for the colour of the vehicle.

    Introducing the Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG

    Mercedes-Benz’s sports electric car, which is still in the concept stage, has a closed grille structure. This section is integrated with the segmented headlight structure of the vehicle. At the rear, we encounter a bumper design that looks a little more classic but stylish as well as classic.

    In the statements made by Mercedes-Benz, there was no talk about the engine to be used in this electric car. Similarly, the interior design and other technical features of the vehicle still remain a mystery. However, it is known by everyone that the cars launched under the AMG brand both have advanced technological features and offer high performance. Vision AMG, which we will meet in a few years, will also have these features.

    Promotional video for Vision AMG

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