New Brand From Lamborghini That Excites Automobile Enthusiasts: Revuelto

    Lamborghini has filed a new trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The trademark application for the word “Revuelto” made car enthusiasts curious. Lamborghini may appear with a hybrid engine in the near future.

    There has been a new development that will shake the agenda regarding the Italian super sports car brand Lamborghini. The company has filed a new trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This brand, called “Revuelto”, is thought to be a new electric or hybrid car.

    There are some reasons why the application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office is being considered a new electric or hybrid. Lamborghini talks about electric cars, electric motors for vehicles, electric vehicles and hybrid cars in the documents it has prepared. In addition to these, sensors, traffic light detection systems, autonomous driving systems, batteries and software are also included in the trademark application document.

    It may be too early to get excited. But…

    Lamborghini has not made any statements on the matter. But looking back, we see that the company shared a promotional poster last week. This promotional poster was for a type of sports prototype race car also known as the “LMDh”. Of course, the trademark application in question may have been made for this vehicle. However…

    “Revuelto” means “mixed” in Spanish. Actually, this phrase is a bit confusing. That is when we put the phrase mixed and the word hybrid side by side, we see a magnificent harmony. Because the meaning of the word hybrid is also seen as a hybrid. In other words, we can state that both words are closely related. If this idea is correct, we can already say that we can meet Lamborghini’s hybrid engine car in the near future.

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