Subaru Announces When It Will Build Its First Electric Car Factory

    Subaru, which has made quite late moves in this regard by announcing its first electric car in the past months, made statements about its goals of sustainable vehicles. It was seen that the giant company plans to establish an electric car factory in the coming years and to focus entirely on these vehicles in 2030.

    Climate changes, which continue to affect the world without slowing down, threaten the future of our planet, animals and humanity. When this is the case, there are steps to sustainability from many different fields. The automotive sector, which constitutes a significant part of carbon emissions, is one of them.

    Many automobile manufacturers around the world are planning to stop the production of internal combustion engine vehicles and turn to fully electric environmentally friendly vehicles in the next 10-15 years. Now, a statement has come from Japan-based automobile giant Subaru, which is quite late on electric vehicles.

    An electric car factory will be established in the coming years

    As a result of a partnership with Toyota in the past months, it has been announced that the automobile giant, which introduced its first electric car, Solterra, will make an important move in electric vehicles. According to the news, CEO Tomomi Nakamura made important statements about the future of the company in electric vehicles at a meeting about earnings and stated that they will establish a factory after 2025.

    It was reported that the facility will cost billions of dollars and will be built next to the Ouzumi factory in Japan. It was also stated that Subaru is very serious about electric vehicles, and the cars produced here will be exported worldwide. Emphasizing that the demand for such vehicles has increased in recent years, Nakamura did not give much detail on the subject but stated that the production will start on a small scale and will expand over time.

    It is stated that Subaru plans to start electric vehicle production in 2027 and switch to these vehicles completely in 2030. It is also among the news that Subaru vehicles will start to turn to hybrid vehicles using Toyota technology in the next few years.

    As we mentioned, the giant company based in Japan made very late moves in electrification. Introduced towards the end of last year, Solterra was manufactured at Toyota’s Motomachi factory. In other words, the partnership with Toyota came to the rescue of Subaru in terms of electric vehicles. In addition, the company announced a few months ago that its popular vehicle, the WRX STI, will not be produced with an internal combustion engine. This revealed that the model was likely to come electric.

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