Tesla Recalls Tens of Thousands of Vehicles Due to a Critical Error That Prevents Drivers from Seeing Their Speed

    Tesla is recalling tens of thousands of cars in the USA and China due to a problem in the Model 3’s system. It is reported that the reason for the recall this time is ‘Track Mode’.

    When it comes to electric cars, most of us first think of Tesla, the company of Elon Musk, the richest person in the world. However, Tesla vehicles are frequently on the agenda with their recalls due to problems in their systems and functions that do not work properly. 

    Now it is reported that Tesla has to recall its vehicles once again. According to news reports, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is forcing the electric vehicle manufacturer to recall tens of thousands of high-performance Model 3 vehicles in the US. It is stated that the reason for the recall is a feature called  ‘Track Mode’ in Tesla vehicles.

    Tens of thousands of Model 3 recalls

    Accordingly, 48,184 Model 3s are being recalled when the vehicle is in Track Mode because the speed units are not displayed correctly. The Track Mode feature, which is only available on Performance Model 3 vehicles, includes features such as stability control, traction control, regenerative braking and switching cooling systems to improve handling. With Track Mode, engines and regenerative or conventional braking systems are used more intelligently, improving the vehicle’s cornering ability. 

    The recall apparently covers Model 3 vehicles manufactured between 2018 and 2022. In the statement made by Tesla, it is stated that a firmware update released in December caused the speed unit to be accidentally removed from the user interface. NHTSA notes that vehicles do not meet federal engine safety standards and that the risk of an accident may increase if drivers do not know how fast they are going .

    On the other hand, it is stated that the company will solve this problem with a remote software update.  

    Thousands of Model 3 recalls are also being recalled in China

    However, Tesla is reportedly recalling 14,684 high-performance Model 3 versions in China due to the same issue. This recall includes 1,850 imported cars and 12,834 domestically produced cars. However, interestingly, it is reported that the company had to change some other features in the vehicles. Accordingly, it is noted that the Boombox feature, which NHTSA is worried about being ‘inappropriate’, has been disabled.

    As noted by NHTSA, a total of 10 recalls have been made by Tesla this year, involving approximately 2.1 million vehicles. Considering that we are only in April, it can be said that this signals that there may be many more recalls until the end of 2022. 

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