The Audi RS Q8 will literally shatter the asphalt with its new modification that you will miss!

    Audi’s beloved RS Q8 model often comes to the fore with the changes made by tuning enthusiasts. However, this time it turned into a monster with the modification made by ABT.

    Audi, a brand of the Volkswagen group, is one of the most preferred automobile brands all over the world. The company also impresses with its new cars. Recently, Audi introduced the new Urbansphere concept. The gigantic vehicle that offers us the phrase ‘eye-catching’ in every sense has already managed to garner great acclaim. 

    Although we like to see new vehicles, some of the company’s legendary vehicles continue to be a favorite of drivers. Audi’s RS Q8 model, which adventure lovers will remember from drag races, has undergone a new modification and has been transformed into a performance monster that almost shatters the asphalt with ‘small’ changes made to the engine. 

    Attention drivers: the needle of your Audi RS Q8 can point to 315 km/h at any moment! 

    The Audi RS Q8 has undergone a series of modifications by the USA, and its powerful appearance in its design has been carried under the hood. This isn’t the first time the car has been modified, but such power is rare. In its new version, which ABT named Audi RS Q8 Signature Edition, the intercooler and turbos of the vehicle were changed. The last minor change that adds strength to its power was made in its engine and its ECU was rearranged. 

    With its final version, the performance of the vehicle was carried to a whole new level, and the Signature Edition had a monstrous engine with a 4.0-liter V8 producing 797 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque. Of course, after these changes were made under the hood, the 0-100 of the vehicle, which started as soon as you touched the gas pedal, was reduced to 3.2 seconds. When the gas pedal was pressed a little too hard, the ball speed indicated by the needle was recorded as 315 km/h.  

    ABT states that all these modifications of the Audi RS Q8 are done by hand and take quite a long time. Meticulous work will only be carried out on the 96 Audi RS Q8. In other words, drivers need to be quick in order to carry the performance of their vehicle to the features we have just mentioned. Of course, you have to sacrifice a ‘little’ money. The amount you have to pay to have the Signature Edition, which will be produced in a limited number and takes a long time, has been determined as $ 333,000.

    Audi RS Q8 Signature Edition was also appreciated with carbon fiber details and other details in its design

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