Volvo to Design Infotainment System with Unreal Engine Capturing the Gaming World

    Volvo and Epic Games announced that they have reached an agreement for the infotainment screens of the cars. According to Volvo’s statements, Unreal Engine will be integrated into new generation electric cars.

    A collaboration between Sweden-based auto giant Volvo and Epic Games has been announced. According to the statements made by Volvo, Epic Games’ game engine Unreal Engine will be integrated into the company’s new generation electric cars. Thus, an unprecedented infotainment screen experience will be offered to the passengers inside the vehicle.

    Those who follow the video game world closely know that Epic Games’ game engine Unreal Engine has taken photorealism to a whole new level, especially with its latest version. Volvo also seems to have followed these developments closely. “We need rich, immersive and responsive visualization in our cars to provide our customers with the best possible user experience and contribute to safe and personalized driving, “said Henrik Green, Product Manager of Volvo Cars, and said the Unreal Engine will be an important help in achieving their goals.

    Volvo’s infotainment screens will be faster and better quality

    According to the statements made by Volvo, the Unreal Engine engine will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series car chips. The company says that with the work to be done, the speed on infotainment screens will double, and the speed of graphics rendering and processing on the screens will increase 10 times. All this combined with Unreal Engine’s ultra-realistic rendering technologies will result in smooth images. 

    Infotainment screens with Unreal Engine, which will be designed in cooperation with Volvo and Epic Games, will meet with consumers for the first time this year. Volvo said that it will unveil its unnamed electric-powered flagship this year, and that this car will have the Unreal Engine conversion. When this car is introduced, we will all be starting to see what Unreal Engine-integrated infotainment screens have to offer.

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