Airbnb, The World’s Largest Accommodation Service Company, Decides to Stop Its Operations in Russia and Belarus

    Airbnb, the giant company that announced that it will provide accommodation services to Ukrainian refugees in the past few days, has now made statements about Russia and Belarus. In the announcement made by the CEO, it was announced that all activities of Airbnb were stopped in these two countries.

    With the statements made last week, Russia started its military operation against Ukraine; He had declared that he had declared war. As we all know, this situation later became the agenda of the whole world and caused many countries and companies to make moves against Russia.

    After the decision of many companies such as Apple, Google, Meta, Spotify to make moves against Russia, a statement came from Airbnb, one of the world’s largest accommodation service platforms. The company, which allows millions of people to stay in different places every year, announced its new decisions against both Russia and Belarus with the statements made today.

    All activities in Russia and Belarus suspended

    First of all, let’s mention that Airbnb has made a statement about the war recently. In these statements made on Monday, it was noted that the company will offer free accommodation to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. In the statements that came today, it was stated that Airbnb’s activities in Russia and Belarus were stopped.

    Brian Chesky, CEO of the US-based company, shared the decision with the whole world in a statement made on Twitter today. This statement of Chesky came after the statements made by the company yesterday. In these statements made by Chesky yesterday, it was stated that everything was reviewed and signals were given that such a decision could be taken.

    It is also among the news that many Airbnb users have taken steps towards people in the war zone. According to The Guardian, many people rent their homes in Ukraine through Airbnb. It is stated that this is done for people who need a place to stay or for homeowners to earn money.

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