Amazon Prime Video’s Design Has Been Completely Redesigned

    Amazon has renewed the design of its online series and movie platform Amazon Prime Video. The new design is reminiscent of Amazon Prime Video’s strongest competitors Netflix and Disney Plus.

    The Amazon Prime Video application, offered to users by the world’s most popular e-commerce platform Amazon, received a major update for the first time in years. This update has renewed the design of Amazon Prime Video on all platforms it serves, especially Google TV. Amazon Prime Video has become much more useful now.

    When we look at the new design of Amazon Prime Video, we see that the application is now similar to Netflix and Disney Plus. In this context; Added a navigation bar to the left part of the interface. In this area, there are buttons to search, access the homepage, store, live broadcasts, free content and library.

    This is what Amazon Prime Video’s new design looks like

    Amazon Prime Video’s design hasn’t changed just for the homepage. Users will now be able to search for content by genre. The new design, which has been introduced, presents the series, movies, sports content, channels and even rentable content from Amazon Prime Video in sub-menus.

    According to the statements made by Amazon, the new design will offer users a simpler and more functional experience than ever before. The officials, who said that Amazon Prime subscribers can both easily find what they are looking for and access new content instantly in this design, underlined that the update distribution process continues.

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