Avatar Series Star Statement Raising Expectations About New Movie: ‘Breathtaking’

    Sam Worthington, star of Avatar: The Way of the Water, which will be released in December, shared his comments about the movie.

    Legendary director James Cameron is finally bringing the sequel to the blockbuster Avatar movie to the audience. In fact, the name of the movie was officially announced in the past few days and we conveyed it to you.

    Avatar: The Way of the Water will be the first of four sequels to come to the big screen in the next 10 years and will meet with the audience in December. Although there is great anticipation for a new Avatar movie to come so long after the first movie, there are also those who think the movie will be a big disappointment. The star of the series, Sam Worthington, is confident that fans will enjoy what he’s working on and seems to have a lot of confidence in the movie.

    Worthington says the movie will be ‘mind-blowing’

    After Cameron’s announcement of Avatar: The Way of Water at CinemaCon 2022, the star of the series, Worthington, gave an interview to the press. In his interview, Worthington expressed that he was confident that his work would be admired.

    In an interview, Worthington said,  “I was 30 when we made the first movie. We’re making the second one and I’m turning 50. It’s great to be part of such a wonderful family and to have such longevity. James is a very loyal man and keeps the same people together, but I’m a very small part of the crew. I’m part of it. There’s a great creative team behind this, and it’s going to come up with something mind-blowing from what I can see .”

    At ComicCon 2022, James Cameron also had something to get fans excited about the movie.

    Pointing out that the film will be quite satisfying even in technical terms, Cameron said: “With the first Avatar, we set out to push the limits of cinema with the new Avatar movies. We are pushing these limits even more with high dynamic range, high frame rate, higher resolution and much more advanced 3D. “What I found most satisfying was working with the actors and rediscovering Pandora with our friends, it’s been an incredible adventure. “

    “We wanted our return to Pandora to be great. Every shot in the movie was designed for the biggest screen, the highest resolution and the best 3D technology. We set out once again to push the limits of what cinema can do. I think we succeeded. I hope we succeeded. I hope you’ll agree when you see the movie in December.”  Cameron’s statements seem like an extra effort was made so that we could watch the movie in the cinema.

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