Confusing Sharing from Elon Musk: Trump’s Social Media App Has Been Downloaded More Than Twitter

    Elon Musk, who has made it official that he will buy Twitter, made a post today, showing that Trump’s Truth Social application left Twitter behind. This sharing of Musk was interpreted as a reference to freedom of speech.

    While Elon Musk bought Twitter for $ 44 billion with the promise of “freedom of speech”, this purchase divided the public in two. On the other hand, an interesting development took place after this purchase. The Truth Social application, which Donald Trump established after being banned from social media platforms, has become the most downloaded application recently, surpassing Twitter and TikTok.

    Elon Musk showed the most popular free applications of the App Store application store in his share on Twitter. While Twitter took second place in the list, Donald Trump’s Truth Social application took first place. This sharing of Elon Musk was again interpreted as an emphasis on ‘freedom of speech’.

    What does it mean for Truth Social to beat Twitter?

    Donald Trump was banned from social media platforms, one by one, after his posts on social media and especially after the White House raid in January 2021. After that, while bans came to Trump supporters, the “freedom of speech” debate on social media platforms had reached a whole new dimension.

    The sharing made by Elon Musk also showed that the Truth application, which allegedly provided freedom of speech, was more popular than Twitter. In other words, Musk also implied that there is more demand for places where people have freedom of speech.

    Truth Social today is mostly full of posts on the far right, flat earth and conspiracy theories.

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