Dead Space Remake Release Date Announced

    The release date of the Remake version of the long-awaited horror game series Dead Space has finally been announced.

    We have known for a while that a remake of the popular series Dead Space, which is in the first place for those who love games in the horror and survival genre, is coming. The remake, which was announced at the EA Play Live event held last summer, has been on the agenda with all kinds of rumours about the exact release date since then.

    Finally, with the statement from EA in the past weeks, we learned that we will meet with the game at the beginning of 2023. Now, with brand new news, the release date of the game has been officially announced.

    Dead Space Remake arrives on January 27

    Dead Space’s release date came during a live stream today that took a look at the game’s development stages. Many videos from the game, which were announced to meet with gamers on January 27, were also shared during the broadcast.

    The videos uploaded to Dead Space’s official YouTube account allow us to take a look at the improvements made in the design and atmosphere of the game. You can access all of the videos, of which we have included a sample below, on Dead Space’s YouTube channel.

    A video of Dead Space Remake’s development stages and current look

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