Elon Musk Officially Acquired Twitter: $44 Billion Offer Accepted!

    Elon Musk’s efforts, which have been going on for a month, yielded results today. With the official statement, it was shared that Twitter accepted Musk’s offer.

    One of the biggest agenda items of April was that Elon Musk, who we know with two giant companies such as SpaceX and Tesla, bought a huge share before Twitter and then set his eyes on the entire platform.

    After the successive news in the last days, the expected statement came this evening. After the negotiations between Twitter and Elon Musk, the platform announced that Elon Musk’s huge offer of $ 54.20 per share and $ 44 billion in total was accepted.

    All control of Twitter will now be in Musk’s hands

    After the announcement of the decision, the first statement came from both the Twitter front and Musk. In his statement, Musk said, ” Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital city square where issues vital to the future of humanity are discussed. ” “I want to make Twitter better than ever, by beating spambots and verifying the identity of all people. Twitter has tremendous potential, I look forward to working with the company. “

    Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal said, “ Twitter has a purpose that affects the whole world. We are proud of our teams and inspired by their work, which has become more important than ever before .”

    The deal is expected to be completed in 2022.

    Although the proposal was accepted after the negotiations between Twitter and Elon Musk, there are some steps to be followed to complete the agreement. The agreement, which was unanimously approved by Twitter’s Board of Directors, requires the approval of Twitter shareholders, obtaining valid regulatory approvals and completing some legal processes. Incoming information is that all these steps will be completed in 2022.

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