Fans are upset: the new name of the FIFA series has been revealed!

    FIFA 23, which is expected to be announced this year, will come with a different name according to the latest information. So what will the new name of the game be?

    Electronic Arts has been bringing a football game to us by using the naming rights of FIFA for many years. Finally, after the launch of FIFA 22 in stores, there was a jolt in the competition between football games . The PES series has become a free game with the name eFootball. It was said that this change would also inspire FIFA, and the increasingly serious claims are now revealing the new name of the game we expect as FIFA 23.

    FIFA 23 may come as EA Sports Football Club
    According to the information shared by Polygon, the new FIFA game, which we expect as FIFA 23, will come under the name EA Sports Football Club . We will not see the name FIFA in future games. In order for this name to be used in a game, Electronic Arts has been paying a license fee to the FIFA organization for years. The company, which is expected to change its name to avoid paying this expensive fee, probably thinks that the players are on the screen for the game itself, not for the name.

    This decision will most likely not affect the price of the game. Even if EA does not pay a license fee, we do not expect a discount because the game content is the same. It will save several million dollars on the company side alone. As with PES, there are strong rumors that the game will become free to play. However, it is not expected that the game will be released on mobile. Because, with eFootball, we saw how poor quality a cross-platform game that works on both console and mobile is.

    The opponent’s rook is empty for EA
    Even now, players still prefer to play PES 2021, as Konami got off to a terrible start with eFootball. Most of those who do not want to do this have already switched to FIFA. In other words, EA has brought the game of football to more players than ever before .

    Since the new FIFA game to be announced this year will undergo a reform, they will not want to waste it. EA Sports Football Club game needs to be at least as high quality as FIFA 22 . We look forward to seeing what they will do about it.

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