Fifth Movie of Legendary “Ghostbusters” Series Announced!

    Ghostbusters series, one of the legends of the cinema world, returns with its fifth film after its return in 2016. Sony announced at the CinemaCon event that the fifth movie in the series is in production.

    CinemaCon, one of the expected events of the cinema world, has already started to occupy the agenda with Sony’s announcements today. Sony, which officially announced the third movie of the highly anticipated Venom series during the event, also announced a different and legendary series this time.

    Sony has officially announced Ghostbusters 5, which will be the new movie in the Ghostbusters series. The series, which was first released in 1984 and continues to be a legend with that movie today, returned to the screens in 2016, but failed to get very high scores from the audience.

    Original names not yet confirmed

    Sony did not share any details about the new Ghostbusters movie. Although we have seen the names of the original cast in the movies where the series has been revived, it is not yet known whether we will see those names in this movie. Likewise, it is not yet certain whether the director of the film will be Jason Reitman, the son of the director of the original films, as in the 2021 film.

    Finally, the series, which returned with Ghostbusters: Afterlife last year, seems to advance the story from where it left off in the new movie. Afterlife had ended by showing that there was a leak in the unit where the ghost hunters were keeping the ghosts. This was a great sign that the continuation of the series was to come.

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