First Avatar-Themed TV Show Coming to Metaverse

    Developments continue to occur in the metaverse, one of today’s trends. According to the latest news, Viewpark and Soundpark will shoot a television show in the metaverse for the first time.

    The Metaverse has now become a part of our lives. Almost every brand that sells in the physical environment has now started to offer its stores to the user in the virtual universe. In addition, most of the work done in daily life can now be done in the metaverse.

    In the metaverse, where new developments are experienced, it has been announced that the TV program will be shot this time. Viewpark and Soundpark have announced that they will be producing a show about avatars competing in a global music competition.

    First TV show to be shot on Metaverse: Metaverse’s Got Genius

    According to the announcement, the name of the first program in metaverse will be Metaverse’s Got Genius. In the program, which will be held entirely in the virtual universe, the contestants will compete with each other and will receive a prize at the end of it.

    According to the news of Akşam, the fund called ” For the Love of Music Fund ” will support the process of obtaining the intellectual property rights of the songs in the competition. THIRTEEN Auction House will help secure intellectual property rights to other elements such as costumes, props and album art. In addition, it was reported that the program in question will be available to the user in early 2023.

    On the other hand, Viewpark and Soundpark, which will organize the competition, with the competition to be held in the metaverse; will aim to launch a musical career for new talent and give musicians greater control over the music they make. Also, fans of the contestants; education, virtual concerts, musicals and festivals and buy tickets to take part in the event area. It has been announced that virtual land sales will start on 20 June.

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