Get Early Access to Diablo 4 by Getting a Permanent Tattoo

    With a new promotional event organized by Blizzard, Diablo fans can get early access to Diablo 4, the last game of the series, by getting a permanent tattoo of the game. So how? Let’s see together.

    Diablo has become one of the games that has reached a large number of users and a large fan base for many years. Blizzard also received great acclaim by releasing Diablo Immortal, the last game of the series, for both mobile and computer. However, although Diablo Immortal is free, it was also criticized for its equipment prices. 

    Today, there has been a very interesting development about Diablo 4, the new game of the series, which is expected to come soon. With an event specially organized for Diablo 4, many users are given the opportunity to get early access to the game. The interesting part of the job starts at this point because there is a ‘tattoo’ requirement to access the beta version of the game. 

    Get free access to Diablo 4 beta by getting a permanent tattoo 

    Diablo 4 publisher Blizzard is holding a joint promotional event with Hell’s Ink. Gamers participating in the event will be able to get beta access to Diablo 4 by getting one of the permanent tattoos in line with the game’s theme. Those who get a tattoo are given a card that says they have early access and a digital copy of the game. Moreover, you do not need to pay anything to have one of the tattoos. 

    The first stop of the event took place in Los Angeles the other day and the next stop will be Chicago. The next stops of the event, which will continue until September 10, are; There will be New York, Miami, London, Berlin, Melbourne and Sydney. You can find details about the event by clicking here.

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