God of War and Horizon’s Series Coming

    Sony officially confirmed the series of God of War and Horizon games at its investor meeting today. The company also announced the platforms where the series will be broadcast.

    While the games that left their mark on the game world continue to come to the screen as a series or movies, an exciting statement came from Sony today. Sony officially announced the future of the God of War series. However, he also reported on both games.

    Meeting with its investors, Sony announced in the presentation it made during the meeting that three of its games would be adapted into the series. These games became God of War, Horizon and Gran Turismo games. It has also been announced on which platforms the adaptation series of PlayStation’s best-selling games will be published. However, it was stated that one of the games is still pending.

    God of War will stream on Amazon, Horizon on Netflix:

    According to the statement made by Sony, the series of God of War will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video. The first PlayStation exclusive game Sony brought to PC and the best-selling game on PC, Horizon’s series will be broadcast on Netflix. On the other hand, it was stated that Gran Turismo is currently idle on broadcast platforms.

    Sony has previously brought some of its popular games to the screens and announced that it will carry new ones. While the work on The Last of Us and Twisted Metal TV series was continuing, it was announced that the Ghost of Tsushima movie would be released. Sony’s giant rival in the game world, Microsoft, also recently brought the popular game series Halo to the screens.

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