GTA 5 Mod You Can Play As Homelander In The Boys

    If we wanted to see The Boys’ Superman-like character Homelander in a game, it would definitely be GTA 5. A GTA 5 modder also made this dream come true. Here is the fully functional GTA 5 Homelander mod.

    With the release of the third season of The Boys, one of the most popular series on Amazon Prime Video, last month, the series became the agenda again on social media.

    What does the game world do when something is popular? It does the mod right away. And it probably makes it to GTA 5 first. A mod developer has developed a mod where you can play as Homelander in The Boys, and here is GTA 5: Homelander.

    GTA 5: Homelander mod

    The Boys deserves a video game of its own, that’s a separate issue, but there is a real effort in this GTA 5 mode. The person who designed this mod is actually the famous GTA 5 modder Darth Knight, who brought the mods of Spider-Man, Batman and The Hulk to GTA 5.

    In the mode, you can play the fully functional Homelander who can fly, blow up cars and trucks with a single punch, and slash enemies with a single glance with laser eyes. Installing this Homelander mod on GTA 5 is a bit tricky because you have to download a GTA 5 client that allows you to change the pedestrian and player appearances. However, Darth Knight has a detailed video on how to install the mod.

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