How Many Minutes of Ads Will Be Shown in Disney Plus ‘Affordable’ Package Announced

    There has been a remarkable development regarding Disney Plus, the online series and movie platform, which reveals that it will be a serious competitor to Netflix with the number of active subscribers it announced last week. New information has emerged about the advertising subscription packages that the platform will offer first in the USA and then in other countries by the end of 2022. According to the information obtained, Disney Plus’s advertising packages will show 4-minute ads for content lasting 1 hour or less.

    According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Disney Plus officials have taken such a decision in order not to suffocate users. If we look at the competitors; About 10 minutes of commercials are shown for 1 hour of content on Hulu, which is also under the management of Disney. Another online streaming platform called Peacock has 5-minute ads. In the statements made about HBO Max, it was said that the advertisements would not exceed 4 minutes per hour, as in Disney Plus.

    Ads will be carefully selected

    In the statements made by Disney Plus officials to The Wall Street Journal, the details of the ads to be shown to the user were also included. According to the statements made, not every advertiser will be able to show themselves on Disney Plus. At this point, the authorities, explaining that children are important, announced that all advertisements to be shown will be suitable for children as well, and advertisements with adult content will not be on the platform. On the other hand; Disney Plus will not show any ads on kid’s profiles. It has also been clarified that no data will be collected from child profiles.

    The reason why Disney Plus will offer advertising packages to users is to reach more people. Because, according to the statements, the prices of the subscription packages with advertisements will be much more affordable than the packages without advertisements, and this will reduce the money that will come out of the user’s pocket. However, for now, Disney Plus’s advertising package prices have not been announced. Therefore, it is not possible to say anything about whether it is worth the loss of 4 minutes for 1 hour.

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