Johnny Depp Closes Pirates of the Caribbean Notebook: Jack Sparrow Won’t Be Back!

    Johnny Depp, in his court statement as part of his lawsuit against Amber Heard, announced that he would reject a possible Pirates of the Caribbean offer from Disney. Disney has an important place in Depp’s case.

    Johnny Depp, who has been away from the cinema world for years for allegedly committing violence to his ex-wife Amber Heard testified in the defamation lawsuit he filed against Heard yesterday. Depp, who defended himself by saying ” I never hit a woman ” and stated that Heard denied it, came up with a statement that would upset his fans at the same time.

    Johnny Depp, who is engraved in our minds with the character of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, announced that if Disney offered him an offer to return to the series, he would refuse it. Here’s how Depp answered the question Amber Heard’s lawyer asked him in the courtroom:

    Depp will never be Jack Sparrow again:

    Depp will never be Jack Sparrow again:

    The reason why Disney was talked about in the courtroom was that Disney canceled the Pirates of the Caribbean series after the allegations against Depp. But Lawyer Rottenborn was trying to prove in the hall that this decision was made even before the allegations against Depp. The lawyer showed a letter dated October 25, 2018, indicating that Depp could no longer be Jack Sparrow, to which Depp said, “I didn’t know that.” had made a statement.

    The Disney issue is crucial for Depp to win the defamation lawsuit he brought against Heard, accusing Heard of ruining his career, life, and reputation. To win the lawsuit, Depp must prove that Disney’s decision was the direct result of Heard’s allegations.

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