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Legendary Turkish Savaş Menteş Coming with New Projects


Legendary Turkish Savaş Menteş, besides his magnificent career, is full of projects like a bomb. Savaş Menteş is preparing to crown a huge career that has been engraved with golden letters for many years with magnificent projects.

Savaş Mentes, who took on the task of protecting hundreds of the most magnificent world stars, the National Team, Galatasaray, and took part in two movies, one of which was an international world production, rolled up his sleeves to put his signature under full projects.

As the strongest security expert in the world, Savaş Menteş continues to add new ones to his career in front of the camera, even though he undertakes the protection of the biggest giants. As the face of TV Series, Motion Picture and Advertisement, he is currently evaluating commercial film offers that will contribute greatly to his launch.

A book project is on the way, in which Menteş will also tell about the wonderful memories he has accumulated throughout his career and his life. Hinge, who will soon begin to write his book, which has been prepared as a draft, is progressing very quickly.
Born in Izmir, Savaş Mentes speaks advanced English and German, as well as mastering various martial arts and branches such as street fighting.

Michael Jackson & Savaş Menteş

In his long career, from Ronaldo, the king of Football, to Paris Hilton, the magnificent school of the world Jet Society, from Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, to Madonna, the Queen of Soprano voice and Music, from the Kings of Basketball Kerim Abduljabbar and Magic Johnson. He is an international star to whom many stars, from the Stars of Formula 1 to Michael & Ralf Shumaher brothers, from Hollywood stars Jack Nicholson to Kewin Kostner, from the King of Golf Tiger Woods to the most magnificent athletes, entrust his safety.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Savaş Menteş

In addition to Turkish stars such as Tarkan, Serdar Ortaç, İbrahim Tatlıses, Bülent Ersoy, Hülya Avşar, Sezen Aksu, Özcan Deniz, Savaş Menteş, who protected the National Team for a long time, had a World and a European Championship with the National Team. In addition to this, as one of his longest adventures, protecting Galatasaray for many years, Menteş was also responsible for the safety of Gheorghe Hagi, the greatest world star ever to have lived in Turkish football, the great legend, Maradonna of the Carpathians.

Kewin Kostner & Savaş Menteş

The sports section in Savaş Menteş’s adventure is not limited to this. Apart from Galatasaray, he undertook the protection of the big 4 teams Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş and Trabzonspor, in charge of their security, and worked with them in certain years and accomplished successful works. At the trophy ceremony at the end of the match where Galatasaray won the Super Cup by beating the World Giant Real Madrid in August 2000, he was with the team in the stadium while lifting the Cup with another world star, Jardel.

Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher & Savaş Menteş

It seems that Savaş Menteş will continue to announce his career to the whole world with the surprises of huge new projects after the films of Islamo Fhobia and another giant project Silent Angel, in which he starred with many world stars, especially Jean Claude Van Damme, which marked his golden career.

Savaş Mentes at the Super Cup Ceremony with Galatasaray
Mike Tyson & Savaş Menteş

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