Live Streams Coming to Netflix Just Like TV Channels

    It turned out that Netflix, one of the most popular broadcasting platforms in the world, is working on a new feature. According to Deadline’s report, the giant platform plans to offer the ‘live broadcast’ feature to users, which will allow programs such as stand-up shows and reality shows to be watched live.

    Due to the increase in internet usage all over the world, the interest in cinema and TV series platforms continues to increase without slowing down in recent years. Netflix, the digital platform that many of us use, is still the most popular of these channels, with more than 220 million users worldwide, despite losing subscribers for the first time in 10 years.

    A few days ago, we told you that it was revealed that Netflix plans to bring password sharing and advertising content. Now, the news revealed that Netflix has plans to turn the platform into a television, and showed that the company is considering offering different experiences to its users.

    Netflix is ​​working on live streams

    According to the news of Variety, Netflix plans to offer the live broadcast feature to users. The US-based giant platform is in the early stages of developing this feature; It is stated that it can be used in programs we see on television, such as live reality shows, and in stand-up shows.

    It is also among the news that live broadcasts can be used to vote to live for popular game shows on the platform. It should be added that there are not many details about live broadcasts at the moment. While it is estimated that the feature will be used in non-scripted reality shows and stand-up shows, it has been a matter of curiosity whether it will be used in sports broadcasts. Although such a thing has the potential to be liked by many users, Deadline states that the platform does not have a plan for this at the moment.

    Will there be ads in these live broadcasts?

    This move of Netflix brings it one step closer to the television channels we are used to seeing. So, will we see ads in live broadcasts on Netflix, which are more like TV channels day by day? Although Netflix officials have not made a statement on this issue, many people in the entertainment industry claim that Netflix will offer at least 2 packages for live broadcasts in the future, ‘with ads but more convenient‘ and ‘ad-free but more expensive ‘. 

    In short, Netflix is ​​considering offering different things to its users with the live broadcast feature, which resembles the traditional televisions that we know a little bit about. The feature is still in the early stages of development, but let’s add that there is no timeline for the release date.

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