Mobile Game Giant Zynga Comes Under the Same Roof with Rockstar

    Take-Two, which bought the video game company Zynga a few months ago, may soon come up with a GTA Mobile surprise…

    American-based game company Take-Two, as you know, includes companies such as Rockstar Games and 2K Games. Take-Two, one of the most important names in the industry, announced in January of this year that it acquired the game company Zynga for 12.7 billion dollars.

    Take-Two’s acquisition of Zynga for $12.7 billion made quite a splash. It is worth noting that the biggest exchange took place between these two companies, especially after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Now, it has been reported that the deal on Take-Two’s acquisition of Zynga will be closed on May 23. Immediately after this, news began to circulate that GTA Mobile would be released.

    GTA Mobile is coming soon

    Take-Two is expected to close the deal on Monday, May 23. As of Friday, with the closing of the market, Zynga’s shares will be suspended and it will no longer be a part of the Nasdaq. With the closing of this deal, it will be the biggest acquisition after Activision Blizzard.

    With the realization of the purchase, all eyes will be turned to the highly anticipated GTA Mobile. Because Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two; While he stated that Zynga would play a major role in the development of free games and cross-platform targets, eyes were turned to the release of GTA Mobile.

    Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau stated that a merger with Take-Two would go one step further. It was claimed that this would also result in GTA Mobile. Because all the arrows are in this direction and it is thought that both companies can overcome this for the popular game to be moved to mobile. While there is no official statement, for now, this situation is expected to become clear in June.

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