Netflix users upset: 13 series canceled

    Netflix, the online series and movie platform, releases new content every week and unplugs some of its content.

    Netflix, the online platform that releases new series and movies every week, is canceling just as much content. Some TV series were canceled in their 1st season, while some TV series were canceled in their 3rd season. What about the canceled movies? All the details are in the rest of our news…

    Netflix added 13 more series to its canceled productions
    Netflix is ​​in a great race to find content to watch in the content race. While this race was in progress, it shocked its fans by canceling some movies in their 1st season. Gypsy is one of the series that Netflix canceled as soon as possible. What about among the 13 canceled series?

    One Day At a Time: Inspired by Norman Lear’s popular 1975 sitcom of the same name, this comedy-drama was among the canceled series after 3 seasons. This drama show about the life of a Latino family later signed with a television channel. However, the filmed episodes were not published anywhere.

    Glow: This comedy-drama show about the 1980s took its place among the canceled series after 3 seasons. Although the increasing drama of the series and the details of the period are highly appreciated by the audience, it seems that the viewings did not make Netflix happy.

    I Am Not Okay With This: This series, which was a victim of production delays in the pandemic, took its place among the canceled series before the 2nd season. Sophia Lillis played Sydney Novak, who discovers that she begins to show her supernatural abilities after her father’s death by suicide.

    The Get Down: A musical drama about the rise of hip-hop in 1970s New York, due to being a high-budget production, it took its place among the films that were unplugged as soon as its 1st season aired.

    The Irregulars: This British mystery adventure crime drama series, which is among the series that only aired 1 season. Produced by Tom Bidwell, this production gave the audience a Sherlock Holmes feel.

    The Dark Crystal: An American fantasy television series produced by Netflix and The Jim Henson Company has taken its place among the contents that only aired for 1 season.

    Sense 8: The series, which was planned to be shot for 5 seasons, was among the productions that surprised the audience with the withdrawal of the plug in its second season. The production, which has a multinational cast, is about 8 people who live all over the world but are connected to each other. After its cancellation, Netflix has given the green light that this series can be filmed, but there is no date yet.

    This youth musical, which tastes like Julie and the Phantoms: High School Musical, is about the passion for music of 3 ghosts who died before they became musicians.

    The OA: The OA, which joined the caravan of productions liked by the audience but canceled after 2 seasons due to the number of viewers, is in the genre of science fiction. It was the story of Prairie Johnson, who returned to the role of a real angel after 7 years of disappearance.

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 : Just lasted 2 seasons with a new cast including comedian Jonah Ray and celebrities Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day. Returning to our lives after 20 years, MST3K’s farewell was very fast.

    Tuca&Bertie: This adult animation by Lisa Hanawalt, one of the producers of Bojack Horseman, survived only one season in the Netflix frenzy. Despite critical acclaim and a great voice cast led by Tiffany Haddish, Ali Wong, and Steven Yeun, it was canceled after just one season. However, the production was later bought by Cartoon Network and aired until its third season.

    The Society: The production, which had its share of delaying the shooting of the pandemic, was taken off the air after the 1st season. The series, which was about young people who had to form their own communities after the disappearance of adults from the world, was among the content to be shot before the cancellation news.

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Blending high school drama with dark humor, the production lasted only 2 seasons on Netflix. The American horror series was inspired by the comic book series Archie.

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