‘Netflix with Ads’ and Password Sharing Ban Revealed When To Come

    We are slowly approaching the end of Netflix’s popular password sharing feature. According to the newly revealed details, it seems that we will say goodbye to this feature, and it may be much closer than we think.

    As many of you know, the popular streaming platform Netflix has announced that the era of ‘four people with a single subscription’ will come to an end; this decision had a shocking effect on those who used Netflix in this way. Accordingly, it was stated that with the “Add Extra Members” feature, a fee of $ 2.99 ​​would be charged for each extra member, and the new system was even started to be tested in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. 

    Now, it has been revealed when the broadcast giant will implement the controversial “Add Extra Members” feature. It seems that 2022 will be the last year we can use Netflix with password sharing. 

    We say goodbye to password sharing in the last months of 2022, ads are coming!

    Netflix has confirmed that four single-account subscriptions will expire before the end of 2022. As reported by the New York Times, Netflix executives were reported to have told their employees that the password sharing feature would be removed from the last three months of 2022, or early October.

    In a statement made in April, it was stated that approximately one hundred million households shared passwords with another account. So that’s a lot more than Netflix, which apparently has 221 million paid subscribers; however, it means that they are ‘free’ members thanks to their password sharing feature. In short, Netflix, with its new feature, aims to profit from users who benefit from its services without paying any fee, thanks to its password sharing feature. 

    However, the New York Times also announced when the cheaper but advertised payment packages announced a while ago will arrive. Accordingly, it was stated that the advertising packages will be introduced to Netflix users in the last three months of 2022. 

    On the other hand, Netflix seems to be going through one of the most difficult periods of its life. According to the news in April, the broadcasting giant has lost 200 thousand members since the beginning of 2022; as a result, the company’s value fell by more than $54 billion. Due to the financial difficulties that came with these losses, the platform had to cancel many of its highly anticipated projects; One of these projects was an animation called ‘Pearl’ developed by Netflix together with the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

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