New feature for drivers from Spotify: Car Mode

    Spotify is testing the Car Mode feature to avoid the distraction of changing music while driving! Here are the details…

    Digital music platform Spotify removed the Car View feature, which it introduced in 2019, in 2021, after two years. As the name suggests, the Car View feature made it easier for people to use the app while driving. Now, it has been revealed that Spotify is working on the new Car Mode feature that will provide the same function.

    Driving a car requires a lot of attention, and changing music while driving is a distraction. The platform, whose total number of active users has reached 406 million, is testing the Car Mode feature in order to optimize its users’ music enjoyment while driving. Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

    Spotify Car Mode won’t be a distraction!
    Car Mode feature has been noticed in Spotify users with Beta version for Android . The Car Mode feature connects the app to the car via Bluetooth. Smartphones connected to the car offer a more comfortable use to the driver. The use of the feature is initiated by clicking the car icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

    The newly tested Car Mode offers a simpler and more convenient playback screen than its predecessor. Spotify’s new feature; It contains buttons such as rewind, play, pause, shuffle, like and volume adjustment. The size of the buttons is designed quite large for comfortable use.

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