New feature for Instagram traders!

    Instagram is seen by many as a source of income. The platform aims to increase this experience with new features.

    Social media platforms have become quite comprehensive in recent years. Platforms, which have become a source of economic income, especially in recent years, have now become a business area for many people. Instagram, one of the leading applications in this regard, wants to increase the experience of users in this direction by trying new features.

    Instagram begins trialling ‘product tagging’ in the US
    Instagram is working on some innovations to improve the ability of users to trade within the platform. As part of these innovations, it introduced the “product labeling” feature in the USA to its users. This feature, which was previously only available to creator or business accounts, will soon be available to everyone.

    The product tagging feature allows users to tag products in their posts. Thus, thanks to the label made, anyone who wishes is directed directly to the page where they can obtain the product. Although Instagram is currently using this feature in the USA, it wants to make it available worldwide as soon as possible.

    Business owners as well as users were considered in the product labeling feature. Because when any person tags a product, the owner of the product can see this tag instantly. From the redirected “tagged” tab, the business does not approve this post if it does not want to.

    Instagram also sets out some criteria for tagged products. In order for a product to be labeled, the brand of the product must be approved. While tagging, it is necessary to click on the name of the brand through the standard “Tag people” feature. Then, with the new feature, labeling is done by saying “tag products”.

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