New Images of ‘Silent Hill’ Game Returning to Snake Story Revealed

    Is Konami’s once-marked Silent Hill game returning? Images of the new season of the legendary game have been leaked.

    Japanese-based game developer Konami is generally known to most for its soccer games. However, the company also has an adventure game that left its mark years ago. The game called Silent Hill will apparently be back on the field.

    Silent Hill, which has not been on the agenda much until today, was recently leaked with some screenshots. In-game visuals have emerged, showing that the game, which Konami last released in the 1990s, began to be developed again in 2020. This gave the signal that the game will be re-released after a long time.

    Copyright from Konami to Silent Hill leaks

    Twitter user Dusk Golem found some footage of Konami’s Silent Hill game. Noting that the in-game images belong to 2020, the user also shared some striking details about the character with his followers.

    In this context, it has been reported that there will be characters named Anita and Maya in the Silent Hill game. It is also among the rumours that the game will be linked to SMS messages. However, the person who made the leak could not convey more information for various reasons. Because Konami has applied the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to prevent further information from being disseminated.

    Konami requested the removal of the images

    Konami immediately took action against the resulting screenshots. The company issued a strike under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) demanding that the images be removed. However, the leaker Dusk Golem paid little attention to this warning.

    Golem, who shared various posts on Twitter, stated that the game has been under development since 2020. However, he added that there will be changes in the process. Therefore, it is unknown whether the game is still in development. Because the images are from two years ago and it is among the possibilities that there may be changes in the development process of the game.

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