NVIDIA Announces 25 New Games Coming to GeForce Now in June

    Nvidia announced that 25 games will be added to its popular cloud-based gaming service GeForce Now this month, 7 of which this week. Let’s see what these games are together.

    One of the world’s largest technology companies, US-based NVIDIA, introduced the cloud-based game service GeForce Now, which delights gamers in recent years. This service, which allows you to play powerful games even on the worst devices, has been liked by many users since its release.

    With the coming of June, the games to be added to the popular service were a matter of curiosity. NVIDIA announced its June plans for Geforce Now in its new statements and shared the games to be added to the library.

    Here are the games that will be added to GeForce Now this week

    The giant company stated in its statements that 25 games are planned to be added to the service during June. In addition, it was also stated that 7 of these 25 games will be added to the GeForce Now service this week. The full list of added games is as follows:

    • LEAP (Steam)
    • Souldiers (Steam)
    • Twilight Wars: Declassified (Steam)
    • ABRISS – build to destroy (Steam)
    • YEAR: Change (Steam)
    • Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut (Steam)
    • Star Conflict (Steam)

    Other games scheduled to be added this month

    NVIDIA also shared all 25 games expected to be added to the service this month. It was also noteworthy that these games, whose full list can be seen below, consist of different genres:

    • MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator (released June 8 on Steam)
    • POSTAL: Brain-Damaged (released June 9 on Steam)
    • Pro Cycling Manager 2022 (released on Steam on June 9th)
    • Tour de France 2022 (released June 9 on Steam)
    • Builder Simulator (released on Steam on June 9th)
    • Chivalry 2 (released June 12 on Steam)
    • Starship Troopers – Terran Command (released June 9 on Steam and Epic Games)
    • Airborne Kingdom (Steam)
    • Core Keeper (Steam)
    • Fishing: North Atlantic (Steam)
    • Immortal Life (Steam)
    • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (Steam)
    • KeyWe (Steam)
    • King Arthur: Knight’s Tale (Steam)
    • Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries (Steam)
    • No Straight Roads: Encore Edition (Steam)
    • Silt (Steam ve Epic Games Store)
    • SimAirport (Steam)

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