PlayStation 3’s popular FPS game is coming to Netflix!

    Netflix Games, which recently started playing games within the Netflix application, adds three more games to its service.

    It was a massive console for the PlayStation 3 era. When used after PlayStation 2, it made the generation difference seriously felt. However, when we look at their games, they have the graphic quality that can only be mobile games today. Netflix, which has added a game service to its structure in the past months, has brought a PlayStation 3 game, which can now be considered a mobile game, to the Netflix Games section.

    Netflix Games adds three new games
    Adding a game library to its application to support series and movie contents , Netflix brought many games to its users in a short time. In addition to the Netflix subscription, the users did not pay any fees for the game content, in addition to the service. Today , Netflix Games announced that it will add three more games to its library. Shatter Remastered , which we think will attract your attention the most , was previously a PlayStation 3 game with the name Shatter.

    Here is the list with other games:

    • Shatter Remastered
    • This Is A True Story
    • Into The Dead 2: Unleashed

    Shatter Remastered is an exclusive game for Netflix Games. Because it is the first FPS game on the platform. The fact that the FPS genre , which is the most played in the world and the favorite of most of the players, is on Netflix, takes the Games service a little further. The games on the platform offer average gameplay rather than spectacular graphics. Maybe in the near future, Netflix can add something to this definition.

    The platform recently announced a game that supports the League of Legends brand. All these steps focus on providing an enjoyable experience by supporting series and movies rather than enormous graphics. We are looking forward to the content that will start to appear on Netflix in March, especially dde Shatter.

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