Social Media Allegedly Botted to Stream Justice League: Snyder Cut

    Warner Bros. According to reports published by Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie, 13% of social media posts were made by bot accounts. In other words, the fire of pressure for Warner Bros. for the movie was lit thanks to bot accounts.

    Justice League, which exploded in its release in 2017, managed to collect positive reviews with Jack Snyder’s Justice League, which was released in 2021 after Zack Snyder returned to the director’s chair. But as much as Jack Snyder was loved, he wasn’t exactly innocent.

    Snyder was having problems with executive producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg on the 2020 Justice League remake. So much so that Snyder put pressure on Warner Bros. with himself, his wife and his representative. Moreover, a threat he made before has come to the fore again today with the new report of Warner Bros.

    The Snyder Cut edition to Warner Bros. was fueled by bot accounts:

    According to various sources on the matter, on June 26, 2020, Jack Snyder made the following threat to a manager in Warner Bros.’s post-production department: “They are deliberately delaying removing their names Geoff and Jon from my production. Now I’m going to destroy them on social media.”

    In fact, before this threat, a toxic social media movement revolving around Snyder had been going on since 2018. In 2020, it was seen that the pressure on Warner Bros. to publish the Snyder Cut increased even more on social media. As Snyder’s demands for ‘more money to finish the movie’ behind the camera increased, the pressure on Warner Bros. increased in parallel. This caught the attention of many people.

    According to new information revealed by Rolling Stone, the report published by Warner Bros. revealed that at least 13% of the shares about Snyder Cut were made by fake accounts. This proved that the pressure on Warner Bros. for the new movie was fueled by bot accounts.

    On top of that, bot accounts may have played a big role in Snyder Cut’s Oscar win this year. In fact, according to social media company Graphika, pressure on Warner Bros. via the Snyder Cut continues by some accounts even today.

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