Sony buys Haven Studios after Bungie!

    Sony has announced that it has started the acquisition of Haven Studios after a partnership that lasted for 1 year. The parties made their first statements.

    Sony announced last Monday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Montreal-based Haven Studios, which was founded and managed by game designer Jade Raymond, who was involved in the production of Assassins Creed and Star Wars games. Although it was initially said that it could be a partnership venture, the first statement came by Sony and Haven.

    Sony buys Haven to become PlayStation studio
    According to the shares, Haven Studios will be among the first-class game producing studios of PlayStation under Sony’s roof. Collaborations and partnerships in the past period will continue. Haven also stated that they will develop a multiplayer game that we will play in the AAA class for many years.

    Making its first statement on the subject on the PlayStation blog page, Sony said:

    Today, I’m happy to announce that Haven Studios has officially joined PlayStation Studios! Jade Raymond brings a wealth of experience and infectious passion for game creation from her achievements in the industry. The leadership team at Haven is an equally impressive group of industry veterans who have collaborated on some of the many beloved games and franchises. We are still having fun today.

    We started working with Jade and her team when we were on the verge of announcing the founding of Haven Studios in early 2021. From its earliest steps, we were inspired by Haven’s vision to create a modern multiplayer experience that engages players in positive and meaningful ways. We were confident of their creative and technical expertise to realize such an ambitious project. We were excited to invest in a new, original IP development journey for PlayStation.

    We had the privilege of working closely with Haven last year. We have been impressed with the growth and progress of the studio. So now, almost on the anniversary of us formalizing our partnership, it’s particularly exciting to officially invite them into the PlayStation family. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Haven Studios.

    Founder and CEO Jade Raymond made the statement by Haven Studios. Again on the PlayStation blog page, the article said:

    A year ago, we embarked on a journey to found Haven Studios with a small team and big goals. Our goal was to build a studio where we could make the kind of games we’ve always wanted to create and the games we’ve missed playing!

    We’ve made incredible progress in a short time, thanks to our talented, passionate team and their outstanding contribution. At Haven we have built a culture of kindness, adaptability and courage that unlocks creativity. Our first new IP for PlayStation will keep gamers entertained and engaged for years. We are on track to deliver a AAA multiplayer experience with a vision to build a structured and evolving world focused on freedom, excitement and gameplay.

    Today the Haven team begins a new phase of our journey as part of the PlayStation Studios family. Working with Hermen, Connie Booth and the team at PlayStation over the past year has been a career highlight. SIE is a supportive partner who truly understands the creative process and what it takes to make a blockbuster AAA game. They empowered and encouraged us to bring our bold vision to life and make our dreams come true. We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to strengthen our partnership.

    As a SIE first-party studio, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s most renowned development teams, including studios such as Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule and Insomniac Games, creators of games that have inspired us as gamers and developers for years. We’re excited to learn from these world-class studios as well as exceptional central creative, technology and marketing teams whose expertise will enable us to deliver even better games to gamers.

    A big thank you to our Haven team. It has been one of the most rewarding years of my career. We look forward to sharing more for the players out there. We are just at the beginning of what is sure to be a great adventure for generations.

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