Testing of Netflix’s Much-Controversial ‘Paid Password Sharing’ Feature Starts With Chaos

    The tests of the new feature announced by Netflix in the past months, which will make sharing the account password paid, have started in some countries. But the news from Peru, where the tests were carried out, showed that the feature had a chaotic debut.

    Netflix has taken many different measures in the past weeks, after announcing that it has lost its subscribers for the first time in more than 10 years.  The platform,  which cancelled its projects, changed its policy and announced that it would introduce a cheaper subscription package with advertisements, was mostly on the agenda with its paid password sharing feature.

    The feature, which will prevent more than one person from using Netflix from a single membership and will make adding new members paid, has begun to be tested in various regions of the world. In the tests that started in Peru, users experienced some confusion. Newly emerged information about testing that began in March has brought to light issues such as users not being notified about the additional fee.

    Users were not informed, although the feature was released, new memberships continued to be opened:

    According to information revealed by the Rest of the World, Netflix caused a great stir after activating the feature in Peru. Many of the users did not receive any informative e-mails or notifications from Netflix about this change. However, some users reported that they still continue to use the platform as before, despite the feature being introduced.

    According to the feedback of the users, after Netflix activated the feature, some ignored Netflix’s warnings and continued to create members for free, while others continued to share accounts without knowing anything about this feature and had no problems. In short, even though the feature was activated in Peru, it had a problematic and chaotic debut at the moment.

    Subscribers who want to add a new member to their account as part of Netflix’s new feature will have to pay a fee of $2.99 ​​per new member outside their own home. Of course, this fee may vary from country to country.

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